Sunday, July 24, 2011

High Heat

Just aboot everywhere in lower amerika the temperatures have been in the triple  digits, with very high humidity. It’s called Global Climate Change, and most scientists agree that it is going to get warmer.
Those same hot conditions usually mean that the jet stream moves off course, causing the weather systems that build up in the Gulf Of Alaska to come ashore more frequently resulting in cooler wetter weather for us here in the north.
Last week the highs and lows were aboot the same pressure and we got treated to some beautiful summer days. I mean some severe clear days with temps in the mid 70’s
Riding motorcycles in that kind of weather is unbelievably pleasant. You just have to get out of town!

Kink Arm

The town of Kink is mostly gone.It is the headquarters for the Idarod race, and several mushers keep kennels near by.  In gold rush days it was the largest city on tidewater, supplying the mines. It is just a short ride from town  and would be even shorter if the Bridge To Nowhere ever gets built.

 Yukon River Sled Dogs

I met these sled dogs and there owners earlier in the summer at Calico Bluff. Calico Bluff is ground 0 for Climate Change. The river level is rising as the glaicers melt. in 2009 the icer jammed up here at breakup and almost whiped out the town of Eagle, and took lots of the trees from around this homestd, exposing the soft ground to more erousion from the river.

5335 calico bluff homested

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