Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cheating Death...again

When you start to get up past 60% with dark chocolate bars you are starting to get into some real chocolate. Kick that number up to 80 or 90% throw in some espresso bits and you have some chocolate that is enough to make you ride like a hoodlum.
 Usually if I find myself riding like a hoodlum I am riding alone in town, and I don’t have no time for distracted cage drivers anywhere around me. I put them in the mirror using what ever maneuver is necessary.
Huckleberry needed a telephoto lens last week when she went to Denali. 70-300 mm was the best I had. She grabbed it, and I am going to get to see her photos of Denali wildlife.

Soon as she was gone I started thinking 300mm is not enough. Then I went to the candy store (Stewards Photo) they had a 100- 400mm wide angle. It looks nice!
After my work the other day  I swung by her work. I had some dark chocolate in my saddlebag, she had the lens. She packed, and over to the Stewards candy store we road I did a hoodlum maneuver and parked on the sidewalk with another bike in front of the F Street Station Bar.

The candy store is giving a good trade for the 300mm, and the 100- 400mm is mine.
Back at her work I left her. Pulling out west bound on the big street, the light ahead was turning red. I could have jumped over to the far left empty lane, but I pulled up behind one car.
That left lane quickly filled, and when our light went green the cage in front of me did not move. The cage to the left took off as quick as I would have and somehow missed the Humvee that blatantly ran the red light.

A couple of acquaintances were not so luckily on the Wednesday night ride and got tangled up with a car and each other. Both are recovering in hospital, are expected to be all right.

Get some good dark chocolate, share it with your pals, and don’t ever let it melt on the pavement.

Flowers we have growing this summer

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  1. So it's dark chocolate that turns ordinary people into daredevil hoodlums? I am in big trouble ...