Monday, July 4, 2011

Dempster Highway IFR

Insanely Flipping Risky

After a grand night in Dawson we started the day by trying to connect to the Internet in the Luxurious Lobby of the Triple J Hotel. No one was at the desk so we wandered into the Cafe because the light was better. We found the desk clerk asleep on the couch in the bar. When he woke he told us the internet password was summertimejjj We could never get it to work. When we left he was up from the couch, no shower, same clothes, waiting on tables for the waitress who was late.

Off The Dempster Highway. The Weather we were going to ride into

The morning in Dawson was drizzly but after breakfast it was dry. Leaving town and riding south on the Klondike Highway the pavement was dry. When we turned on to the Dempster the dirt was dry. You could tell it had been wet and that when it was it had an attitude! We could see the road would take us into the weather and it did. Almost half of the day I was in survival mode with the crash imminent light burning at high intensity. Huckleberry fared better with her lighter machine and nobble tires
 As she who has no trunk and I fought for every Kilometer of mud-covered road we traveled, I dreamed of the perfect bike to ride in this crap. First it was a sporty with knobby tires, boxer bags and straight pipes. Next it was a bagger modified with extra ground clearance, large knobby tires, dual straight fishtail pipes, with a stereo that when you passed BMW riders you could share your music. Then I came up with the perfect ride to ride on rim deep mud like we were on. It was she who has no trunk, only with a matching trunk. Monster Ovals all black. Touring bars, with Iron Brad on the levers, and a flipping switch that when you pressed it you could pull the nose off the ground, then the rear wheel and just fly, flipping Instrument flight rules if you had to.
We make it to Eagle Plane, along with another northbound rider.
Two  southbound riders from Inuvik went down, not bad, and two northbound riders behind us went down. There bikes needed to be towed but all the riders were ok
Today Straight Pride day in amerika we are staying at Eagle Plane, and waiting for the road to dry out before trying to travel north or south. The weather looks promising.

Trucks outside the Eagle Plane Motel this morning

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  1. I was just thinking that the perfect vehicle for the road you were on sounded like a hovercraft. Of course, that would take all the fun/danger out of it. :)