Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dawson Gay Old Town

We left Tok bound for a repeat of the Andy Taylor highway, maintained by Gomer Pile. The road seemed better or I was just more aware of the drop off’s that seem to swallow your bike.
It had rained over night but the road had several hours to dry off, so most of the slick surface was dry. One or two spots were real slick and had some deep mud. As I was, sliding going ahhh shit Huckleberry was going Yea MUD! 

Dredge at Chicken Alaska

 This time at the Eagle Junction we took the Top of The World highway and on to the Canadian Border.

Bike at Yukon Alaska Border Top Of the World
Riding to Dawson was dusty, sometimes I could barely see Huckleberries headlight. When we stopped she reminded me that I had dusted her the entire way, and that I owed her a beer.
A ferry took us across the mighty Yukon, into Dawson. The town was bustling. Canada Day Celebrations were ongoing and the Quest, a Kayak river race from Whitehorse had boaters arriving and onlookers cheering them on.
Zumo took us to our deluxe accommodations in a old Atco Trailer behind the fabulous Triple J hotel.

Today we leave Dawson and travel north up the Dempster, new unknown territory!


  1. Hey Jaz

    I like reading the two sides of the trips, you and Huckleberry's (that boho gypsy). Her GPS link is easier to do than yours.

    Have too much fun on your trip.

  2. Dirt plays a starring role in many of your posts and adventures. In AZ, it's more a matter of dust (dirt with aspirations of being airborne) mucking everything up. Nice photos. Good luck way up north!