Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tank Squeezer

If you followed the spot tracker you know we turned around at the Arctic Circle. We turned around at the Arctic Circle because the mud this morning was the dark mud and would stick to my tires and staying upright was real hard, and I did not have three more days of squishing the sides of my gas tank together with my thighs left in me.
Of the 13 bikes and riders we met on the road 5 riders went down in the past couple of days. One needed a medavac helicopter ride, but he was just beat up and nothing broken. Of those 5 crashes only 1 bike could be ridden out.
I am disappointed and I know Huckleberry is too that we didn’t make it to Inuvik but the Canadian scientists have perfected this when dry, dustless road surface, and when it is wet it is like riding on almost melted ice cream with some oatmeal mixed in and then the slimy stuff your tire shop uses to slick up the bead before they mount your tire on your rim.

The Arctic Circle Dempster Highway
What a great trip. What a challenging rid. and Wow being in such a remote part of the planet for a couple of days...Takes my breath away...

Looking North on the Dempster today before the last 40 miles in the rain

The Dempster


  1. From the muted descriptions of the road conditions, I was thinking that the conditions must be pretty bad. Glad you made it to the Arctic Circle and decided at that point, it wasn't that much fun anymore. I know you two will do another adventure before you get back to Anchorage.


  2. I know this has to be disappointing for you two, but it's nowhere as bad as crashing your bikes or getting injured in the quest for adventure. As KK pointed out, you still have some time for additional adventures (on less treacherous terrain) before you have to return to Anchorage.

    Happy trails and safe riding. Always enjoy your posts ...