Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada Day 2011

This Canada Day I am not in Canada. Tok is close, but it isn’t Canada.

Last years Canada Day Eve Peppermint, and I were east bound across Canada and spent the night in a hotel where the chrome on the plumbing fixtures was warn all off from the years of wiping the iron rich water off of them.  In the morning when she looked out the window and said the bikes were getting washed I thought gee I wouldn’t expect a hotel of the caliber we were in to provide such a service, but it was Canada Day after all. What she meant was it was raining! We suited up with all our gear and rode out of the rain in no time at all. The day was warming and soon we were so hot we were aboot to pass out. Turning down the main street of the next little berg, so we could take off our rain gear we noticed lots of the town folks had turned out to greet us, and we soon found ourselves in the lead of there Canada Day Parade.

Today Canada Day was not to be as Huckleberry and I traveled from Anchorage To Tok, to begin our Inuvik trip. I was on two wheels and she on 6. Well 8 if you count her bike that road in her Inuvik emergency support vehicle, that will stand by here at our Tok Headquarters.

I am looking forward not only to the challenge of riding to Inuvik but to being in Canada again for July 4. Because on July 4 straight pride day in amerika, in Canada no celebrations take place.

Here in amerika on July 1, 2011 the headlines on the morning paper were “Supreme Court agrees to list Polar Bears as endangered species. Our t bag governor and our former half term governor now spokeswoman for the koch brothers had argued that “There are still lots of Polar Bears around so no need to block development for them”

The sea ice is still melting and the Polar Bears are just as doomed as humans. We might see our cousin Polar Bear as we travel north. That would be a treat.

Today on the Tok Cutoff we saw Tundra Swans and cygnets in the ponds around Mentasta.

Internet connection here in amerika Tok is to primitive to post a photo.
Will post again from Canada Saturday.

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