Monday, August 1, 2011


Traveling in the north this summer has resulted in a gigabytes of photographs. Some not so good, and some even worse…
For the most part, all the shots were fairly easy to get. I road there, maybe hiked in on a trail, fussed with exposures, lenses, filters….
I even took a few shots of trains. I like trains. They make lots of noise. Haul freight way more fuel efficiently than trucks, and the drivers always sound the big air horns if you catch there eye.

Train in The Rain
From Seward Alaska earlier in the summer. A lens hood would have done away with those spots, but I like them in this tonemapped image.
This  shot, along with some others I sent on to John at John’s Alaska Rail Page. He used it for his photo of the week. That is cool. Rail fans saw my photo. I got to share.
This week John has a photo from Dave Blazejewski….This fellow worked for his photo, and it is phenomenal, what dedication just to get a photo, what a shot! Check it out

 If you have the time check out some of  Johns archives.  Alaska history at your fingertips


  1. Wow, now I see how that photo came to be! Nice work -- went back and saw your other photos in his archive -- cool. :)

  2. Very cool photo and one worth waiting for. Peppermint