Saturday, June 25, 2011

Smore Photos

This photo is of Columbia Bay on Prince William Sound, taken from the MV Aurora on Monday.
The white things are Glacier Ice Bergs  from Columbia Glacier.
When I first rode from Valdez to Whitter on the State Ferry way back 79? 81? I can't remember the year but I can remember  Columbia Glacier was where those ice bergs are and the face of the Glacier was aboot 300 feet above the water.
In the documentary  film Extreme Ice scientists put cameras on this glacier, took a photograph every day for a year,  and documented the retreat of Columbia Glacier at better than 300 feet a year.

Cannon at Historic Fort Egbert. The restored Horse Barn in the foreground. 5 of the original 46 buildings have been restored by the BLM 1974-1979 and all contain artifacts from Alaska's past.
It was one of the  highlights of the Eagle Trip to photograph the Fort. Some of the pictures I hope can be used by the National Park Service.

Kerosene Lantern one of the artifacts of Fort Egbert.

Wildflowers and the bikes west bound on the Tok Cutoff. July first we are going back. Back through the Holy City, back to Tok, back up the Taylor Highway, back through Chicken. But insted of Eagle we are heading over the Top Of The World Highway to Dawson City. To Eagle Plane and to Inuvik, and well back again. Huckleberry will have the spot tracker, so follow along as we cross the Artic Circle on two wheels.


  1. Yay! Another trip! Your armchair travel readers thank you.

  2. Stefie

    Here is a tiny url to use to track you, it is an easier paste.

    But that chip that the CIA has implanted in you probably is better for tracking.