Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Aboard the MV Aurora

Aurora is the Alaska State Ferry that is taking us from Valdez to Whitter. A 5 or so hour ride. The water in Valdez harbor is flat. The weather report calls for 2ft. seas in  Prince William Sound, later in the day. The sky is bright gray,the clouds hang on the mountains, but the sun might win.

Under way on the Aurora

This road trip has been one action fun packed adventure. The Taylor highway threw a challenge at us both in and outbound.
 Volunteering for the park service and being able to photograph Fort Egbert get out on the river and photograph Calico bluffs. Meeting the Rorke’s, folks who live a substance life on the river. It all reassured me that the Real Spirit of Alaska is alive and well. At least on the Yukon River.

Looking down river from Eagle.

 Most springs endangered Peregrine Falcons nest on the bluff. In years past the Park Service had a nest cam installed on this bluff. Funding prevents it from being a permanent feature of the park. and it was not operational this year. The rangers told detailed stories of the Falcons nesting behavior from years past. What a shame that military jets have plenty of fuel, but Yukon River Falcons are on the way out.

The final leg of our journey aboard the MV Aurora still is on flat water. On the bow up in the observation deck some passengers sleep. The scenery of Prince William Sound is not enough to keep them awake? 

Hay You Looking At Me

Sea Otters remain abundant in the Sound in spite of the Hexon Valdez oil disaster cira last century.

As we unshackled our bikes from the Aurora the crew wanted us to go faster. Deck hand Pam came down to see what was going on. Her radio was angry. THE FUEL TRUCK HAVE TO BOARD. She lives in Seward and has been at sea for 5 weeks. THE FUEL TRUCKS WANT TO BOARD her radio screams. Huckleberry  is fussing with her helmet or gloves, and the other two riders are too.  I find out she rides a Shadow and when I tell her we will be ready when we are. She agrees and sezs we paid for our ride.
A cinnamon roll, some boat photos, and finding the eagles nest, we are on the bikes for the on the hour opening of the Whitter tunnel and the ride home.
 Kendra the keeper of the gate. The young girl with the radio that controls the traffic gives confusing hand signals. Then wants us to stop in front of her. Then splans bike go last. She dances in front of us on her air shoes.  Huckleberry asks her ifen she knows what Photo Plankton are and her answer is no.
Tail of a small Bowhead Whale

I point at the ocean and tell her that Photo Plankton are working for her right now. She looks puzzled but I know I am home now...
Welcome back to Laska.


  1. I am boycotting commenting until you put your rhubarb pie recipe here. :)