Friday, June 10, 2011


        Ok I have been neglecting this blog. I have several good  excuses! It's summer in Alaska! New motorcycle  likes to see where I have been before!  Bought too many plants and watering takes to long! 19 hours of daylight makes you want to do other stuff besides look at a computer!
All of the above apply.
Memorial day weekend spent with a dear friend and a trip to Halibut Cove, I got some great shots...

Halibut Cove Alaska

The ocean there is still alive and healthy. Katchamak Bay Oysters are the best on the Planet. If you can get some and eat them raw. That weekend had one sprinkle of rain, and most of it fell when I was having Koffee in Slowdonta.
Weekend last on a trip to Seward rain caught us, just past Moose Pass, and followed us most of the way home.
The sky was stingy with color, but the north bound tourist train waiting at the siding sort of made up for a drab gray day Ak. ..
Alaska Railroads 3014 GP Locomotive

Perhaps a hood would have kept the raindrops off the lens, but I think they add to the effect of this bracketed photo..
Wednesday Huckleberry and I are riding to Eagle Alaska. I think she will have her spot tracker and when I get the link I will put it up here so everyone can follow our trip. Not sure aboot Internet connections on the Yukon River, but I know aboot the photo opportunities...

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  1. I wondered where you'd been. But I understand (from what I've heard) that May and June in Alaska are pretty special. They are mostly hot and dry where I live (AZ).

    Still amazed by your photos and hope you post some from your upcoming trip!