Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's Summer

Memorial day weekend here in the north is the kickoff for summer. The motor homes come out from storage, the boats get hooked up and lots of laskans Head south to the Kenai Peninsula for a long weekend of escalated environmental assault.

On the dock Homer Alaska
Halibut being treated like cord wood

Yesterday at the Fred Meyer in Soldonta when I filled up the motorcycle 88 octane gasoline was only $4.52 a gallon. $14,00 is what it was for 3 gallons for the bike. At every other pump was a vehicle that couldn't even come close to my 47 miles per gallon, and every large vehicle driver if you asked them I bet they would gripe about the high cost of gas, but non of them would care or even know about what burning all that fuel is doing to destroy all the things that keep humans alive here on earth.

It's great to live in laska, and watch the last sustainable natural environment left on the planet be destroyed by humans....

Sandhill Cranes Dancing Homer Alaska

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