Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Holy City Of Glenn Allen

When the right wing nuts that run this state are finally able to give the oil companies everything, when they make Alaska into the theorocicy that only Christians can imagine then Glenn Allen will become there Holy City.

 I knew that it would be no easy pilgrimage to the Holy City for a couple of atheist lesbians, but I had no idea that the gods that guard this holy city would rain water from the sky down upon us. Nor did I know that those gods would blind us with a thick cloud, down right on our path. The guardian gods threw stones at us from high above on the cliff banks, but being pure of heart mostly I knew we would gain entrance and exit to the holy city and then when my radio began speaking aboot understanding the bible, complete with a 800 number to speak directly to god or just send him some cash I knew we would triumph once again over ignorance.  After the bible discussion came all the news thee faithful need to here from Mike Huckebee. Mike told me the labor unions in Wisconsin were trying to undo all the good the t bag governor had done, but they had lost in superior court…because…because god is on the side of corporate amerika.

Then the sign came into view…

Prepare To Meet Thy God!

We stopped at the Hub Of Alaska for some fuel and bad coffee. Waited. Talked to several other riders. Waited some more but the imagery friend of the christrians never came and introduced it’s self to us?
The holy city in the rear view mirror the conclusion that came to mind was. Thank God For Guns…

Actually the road signs were shot up more on the west side of the holy city, but only because more humans live on that side.
The rest of the trip included some construction, motor home passing, gravel patches but the Boreal Forest that is the interior of Alaska was stunning.

My bike "She Who Has No Trunk" because we will be riding on the dirt Taylor Highway is sporting Ice Gals (my former trike) 100 anniversary black saddle bags. That attracted the eye of the Troopers while we waited for god at the hub. As we rested I saw him in my mirror, as he ran our plates. He pulled around made nice,  and warned us how dangerous the Tok cutoff is.
Dolsay, nice to be a 99% and not be shook down by the cops just cuz your bike is red, and your saddle bags are black.
Way bad internet connection more later


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  1. See Huckleberry's blog for my comment about Biblical signs in/near small towns. Hope the trip ends up being fun/beautiful, etc. I went and read about Eagle on the Internet after your last post and it sounds like a dream for a history geek like myself. :) :) Have fun and be safe. And post pics!