Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Two Nights In Tok

If you are traveling the Alaska Highway Tok Alaska either the first Alaskan town of any size you encounter or the last Alaskan town you encounter. On this trip to Eagle we hit Tok both coming and going from the Taylor Highway, which connects to the Alaskan Highway aboot 12 miles south of Tok.

 The Taylor Highway takes off northeast. Takes you to the mining, tourist town of Chicken, and then turns mostly north. Up and over two 3500 ft passes before descending to 800 foot Eagle Alaska on the Yukon River. The road for a dirt road is mostly good. It has its rough spots, it’s slick spots, its narrow spots, but all of it is very scenic and very remote.
For the past few summers I have traveled outside Alaska. Those outside trips have been amazing for the sights seen, the hot weather to ride in, but riding in remote Alaska and seeing parts of planet earth that humans have not destroyed, or even touched much is a experience to cherish.
Gear on a horse drawn road grader Eagle Alaska

More on Eagle Later
Fish Wheel Yukon River

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