Friday, May 20, 2011

Sweeten Your Rapture With Rhubarb

The other day I said that when the world  would not  end as predicted by our latest media celebrity Mr. God Delusion his self harold camping. I promised to post my best Rhubarb Pie Recipe. I will do that before the end time predicted by Harold, just to promote science. But I just got to say something aboot this fellow harold.
Driving around for weeks here, in Anchorage has been two mobile billboard trucks displaying his message that jesus is coming the end is Saturday.
Today in the Daily News Julia O'Malley eloquent pointed out that this fool has spent $44,000. Just here in Anchorage promoting his ignorance. Here is the link to her column..Julia O'Malley

Harold I don't know where you got your money, but I feel sorry for all your followers who paid you and are now waiting for horses to appear on the horizon.
Harold with all that money YOU could have funded Planned Parent Hood and EDUCATED impoverished people about how more humans are created. All that money could have built several non polluting geothermal power plants.
Harold take this song. Multiply it by 7. divide it by 6. Put some three's in there.Oh don't forget 5, 1,2 ∧ 8. I get it!

Get some Rhubarb and some Tapioca cuz we are making some pies..

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  1. Hey where is the recipe?

    Or better yet, where is the pie?