Tuesday, May 3, 2011

amerika- corporate owned government. at its best

Alaska is a pathetic red state. I have said that more than once. We are fortunate to have a few brilliant progressives.  Shannyn Moore is  one of our best. If you are not familiar with her, she is a local writer, blogger. Radio and television talk show host. Here is a link to her blog... 

A few days ago she wrote a great newspaper column  about why Alaska should be more like Norway in how we manage  our oil industry. She made some very valid points about how the Norwegians utilize renewable energy at home and export most of their oil. In Alaska our republican governor wants to cut funding for renewable resources and give the richest corporation on the planet a tax break of several billion dollars.
 The  permanent fund  in Norway is $570 billion, to our $40 billion, and we had a 14 year head start on them. They do not invest in companies that produce tobacco, or weapon's. They don't invest in companies that practice unethical labor practices, environmental damage or human rights violations.
The Norwegians fund dropped 37 companies that our Alaska Permanent fund holds stock in.
Here is the link to her article what-can-alaska-learn-from-norway

Well as you might guess the oil industry wasn't going to not reply so out comes former veco mouthpiece Paul Jenkins with a piece for-alaska-north-dakota-a-better Paul says Norway is a socialist welfare nation with a mixed economy and heavy state ownership in strategic sectors.
 Even though Norway has the  world's highest standards of living and free health care and education through graduate school. That socialism for you. Taking care of the citizens with those corporate tax dollars. Liberalism is dead in amerka because we have failed to keep corporations in check. Way to go Norway!


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