Sunday, May 8, 2011


Every spring no matter how cold or  dark or wet the winter was. No matter if you mulched it in the fall or not. If you ever planted some in your garden you got Rhubarb pushing up from the ground and stretching out.
Rhubarb gets a bad rap because it is sour tasting.

Rhubarb putting some carbon back in the ground

After a winter of gray and white just that color makes me curious. Ifen you put some flour and sugar with Rhubarb you can make some tasty pies and crisp.
 Harold Camping , says that  the rhubarb is not going to get large enough to harvest this year cuz Harold got a message from god that the world will end on May 21 2011. Driving the streets of Anchorage is a large delivery truck with Judgement Day The End is Coming on May 21. Plastered on every inch of it. Harold has gotten the word out.
Well I never liked rhubarb all that much anyway, but on May 22, 2011 I think I will post my rhubarb pie recipe right her on the blog...


  1. I saw a report on this group on Said the leader of this May 21 movement had originally predicted the end of the world in 1944. Now he knows more, so it's 2011.

    I wonder what kind of financial thing he has going on ... I know he'd never frame things that way, but you have to wonder. He may also be drunk on making people afraid and dependent on him for direction. I think we have a lot more to fear from PEOPLE ending the world by their own stupidity!

  2. This was on Craigslist today.

    Hey if you are planning on leaving on the Rapture on the 21st and have some money, firearms, or canned goods you want to get rid of, I would gladly take it off your hands. I'm also willing to tkae care of your dog or cat during the ensuing 7 years of anguish.

    Location: Eagle River/Anchorage
    it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests