Monday, May 2, 2011

Happily Indifferent To People Who Are Consistently Wrong

Thank you KD Lang for that line.

The Kenai Russian Orthodox church was built in between 1895 and 1896. Like a lot of the Old Russian Churches in Alaska it was built up on the bluff, so fisherman  could see it from out at sea. Helpful in finding your way back home.
The building was suffering from severe aging, and since the building is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, some of the money to restore the building came from tax dollars.
Not a bad thing to save some history. We don't save much here in Alaska even though we got the money.

Exterior shot of the church. Note the trilogy of domes. I believe  these domes are named after the mama, baby, and papa Kenai Grizzly bears, that used to frequent the Old Town area. Certainly these domes were the original inspiration for the story of Goldie locks and the three bears. 
In pre Christian Alaska, the indigenous people made up creation stores. Imagine that! Raven a big black bird, was everything from trickster. The thief that stole Cormorants voice, and in  a lot of neighborhoods The Creator. Well the Russian god, just like Raven likes shinny stuff.
The sanctuary has lots of bling…

Check out those shadows. Father moved the light up to the Alter so I could get that effect.
Photographing the interior of the church, and chatting with the fellow who runs the place The Father not mine  I went away with a renewed feeling  of sorrow for all, that would look for answers in religion. Be it Islam, Judaism, Christianity...well I am  Happily Indifferent To People Who Are Consistently Wrong.

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