Monday, April 11, 2011

Two Wheels

 It was  a big weekend for Motor sports here in the north. Iron Man. The premier snow machine event on the planet was Thursday- Sunday at Summit Lake out by Paxton. The event had to be postponed for a day because of a winter storm that blew through the area. In Anchorage  The 18th annual Alaska Motorcycle Dealer Association  (amcda) show was Saturday and Sunday, at a half frozen hockey rink.
Several tons of gravel are still on our roads but that and cool temperature's didn't stop a lot of riders from turning out for the big event.

This is a shot from outside the Venue.

Both of our Public Radio Station's have had fund raising going on at the same time. Fearful of the republican plan to cut funding for Public Broadcasting, I suppose. I sent both stations checks, and if you value real news over flox you should support your local Public Stations. Or listen and support ours. KNBA streams 24/7 with music that you will not here on any commercial  station.
The republican plan is brilliant. Cut funding for everything except the military and the endless war, lower taxes even more for the rich, and this will decrease the debt, and create jobs. Brilliant, just brilliant, and what makes it even better is that people that would benefit the most from having Social Security or a Union Job, support the republicans. Viva flox news fair and balanced.


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