Saturday, April 9, 2011

Drip Drop Drip Drip

Snow melting to water, and the sound’s it makes, are good sounds to hear when you live in the North. Winter always puts up a fight it seems. Winter, wants to hold on. It wants to be the ONLY season of the North. The wind finally quit strongly blowing, today. Broken branches with Willow buds were all over the snow, and you could smell the pitch of the Spruce Trees.

Oh it’s dusty. All the dirt on the roads makes your car dirty. The rocks break your windshield. Best have your skill aboot you if you are on two wheels pedal or motor.
And of course trash is everywhere…

Cambell Creek
With more trash  to come, as the snow melts

Birds, lots of birds will be migrating North. If you listen, and look up you might be able to see flocks of Sand hill Crane's way, way up in the sky.
The government might shut down at midnight tonight, or next week,  because republicans want even more cuts to sensible education for birth control, but no cuts for bombs.
Wonder how many in this busy city would even know the sound of a Crane?

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