Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Small Circle Of Friends

I am one of the  21% of registered voters turned out for the municipal election held Tuesday April 4.
I guess it is just too hard for most people to drag themselves to their local polling place and cast their vote in the 12 hours allotted to do so...

Here in the North we have State Senator Charlie Huggins, who just happens to be a republican from - Wasilla, who  submitted Senate Bill 105 that if approved would officially designate "the pre-1964 Winchester Model 70 .30-06 caliber rifle" as Alaska's  Official State Firearm...
Sure hope debate on that bill won't hold up our republican governor sp 2.0  proposal to give one of the wealthiest corporations on the planet Conoco Phillips a 10 Billion Dollar Tax Break. (NYSE) cop

Nationally Obama our best republican president ever. And  according to the Huffington Post has drawn a line in the sand. He  is proposing get this TAXING THE RICH.  You read that right. Let me repeat. Obama proposed a plan to balance the budget that includes TAXING THE RICH....

Donald Trump has discovered that Obama has dark skin, and he was born in AFRICA.

..Social Justice it's not  just not convent for capitalism

Pihl Ochs What news would you be singing today?

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