Friday, March 25, 2011

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The Barry Bonds perjury trial and the weather are the headlines of the day here in the Bay Area.
Bonds played or maybe still does play Base Ball for the Giants. Some time ago bonds lied in court about using steroids. Since athletes using performance enhancing drugs is the most important thing for the criminal courts to be concerned about, the California Justice System decided to charge him with Perjury. The media splanes the daily trial events using Baseball analogies. The defense hit a foul, the witness strikes out.
Something just isn’t right, in a state that is handing out termination notices to teachers, doing away with arts and music programs in the schools, but has lots and lots of money to prosecute a ball player aboot drug use?

Well known San Francisco Land Mark The Palace Of Fine Arts

Storms being generated in the Gulf of Alaska have been slamming into California for several days now, with today Thursday, being the strongest wind and heaviest rain. With almost every surface covered in concrete or asphalt, the water races down the hills. Mud and rock slides, down power lines, and cars on freeways splashing and hydroplaning along.

Today’s adventure was to Ikea. It looms large off the east side of highway 101. It has a covered parking garage, a big plus on a rainy day. I had no idea what to expect. But I wasn’t impressed with what I found. I have no information aboot the Ikea Company. If they are progressive or not, but  the products I saw are of very low quality.
Ikea could be the perfect store for a country like amerika, whose citizens value lots of stuff, but the three people I asked had never heard of Photo Plankton!

First they get you hooked on the Free Stuff, then the price goes up!

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