Sunday, March 27, 2011

And It Stoned Me

Well The Rain Let Up And The Sun Came Up, And Our Backs Were Getting Dry…
Big Bike and me were both anxious to get out on the road, we headed west. We went as west as we could go with out getting into the salt water of the Pacific Ocean.

It’s been a rough few weeks on the coast. Tsunami warnings were in effect for the coast when I arrived here a couple of weeks ago, and the past few days all of the California coast has been hit with lots of rain and wind. Broken trees were off to the side of the road, and rivulets of mud crossed the road in several places.
Partial sun, and only one fresh water shower caught me on the way to Pigeon Point Light House.
Pigeon Point was the first lighthouse that I wanted to shoot today.

Pigeon Point Light
The Light House was built in 1871. It is cool looking, it’s Victorian, it resembles New England’s lighthouses, and is the tallest along with Point Arena Light on the west coast at 115 feet tall
The tower is closed. Because a few years ago part of the concrete gingerbread fell off, and officials consider the structure unstable……

The Light

The other light that I got some shots of, is Point Madera. Just north on California Route 1.Before you get to the old light you pass by the Coast Guard Station, with planet wide navigation and commutation watch.

Point Madera Light
The Point Madera light is smaller than Pigeon Point but still has some nice Victorian accents, and was equally important in keeping ships off the rocks way back in the 1800’s
It to is closed to the public but the grounds are free to look around.

The Hetch Hetchey water system. The water system that broke John Muir’s heart brings the water from the Sierra Nevada Mountains, to the counties of San Mateo and San Francisco. This Grecian Column Temple is the terminus of the pipes; from here the water flows into Crystal Spring Reservoir and awaits consumption.

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