Thursday, March 24, 2011


Over in the East Bay, in Richmond, along the shore of the bay is Rosie The Riveter World War II Home Front, National Historical Park. The parks website gives directions, but no address. Zumo Trickster gps of the Raven Clan, had no clue as to where the park is, but the directions were simple enough, and who could turn down an outing that takes you on never before traveled major freeways.
The Park is scattered over several sites, and the Rosie Memorial is at the former Kaiser Shipyard #2

Rosie Memorial

The memorial is the framework of a Liberty Ship, with photos, and stories of the Rosies who built the ships and tanks that were all home made right in Richmond. The industrial build up for the war gave us the amerikan industrial complex, that now lets corporations run this country. But those Rosies fueled the need for a strong union labor movement, that gave us workplace safety rules, childcare, employer funded health care. Those women started us down the road to the fair treatment of women and minorities in the labor force.
Everything those girls worked hard for republicans want to take away in their race to destroy the middle class.

Rosie Memorial Photos
The Parks visitor center is around the lane soon to be located in an original building now being remodeled, and sitting next to the very cool former Ford Assembly plant, that was designed by architect Alfred Kahn.

Former Richmond Ford Assembly Plant
The big box factory building/ store had not been invented yet.
They stopped making automobiles here for the war, and shipped out 91,000 Tanks, and other military vehicles. Not sure when the plant was closed, but thanks to the National Park Service the building will be preserved…
On the way back to the West Bay the toll on the Bay Bridge was only $4.00 during the non-commute hours. Had to stop on Treasure Island for a look around and some more photos….

San Francisco Iconic Ferry Building as seen from Treasure Island

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