Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Housewives Use It!

In Death Valley when ever we asked someone in the know what Borax is used for, we heard “housewives use it” The security guard at the Borax mine in Trona wouldn’t let us take photos of it, even though I did. Here at the Amish house I found 10 pounds of it and a cool antique dispenser for Boraxo soap. I’m not a housewife but I am washing my clothes in it. Imagine soap with no stinking perfume, or formaldehyde

Genuine Antiques

Finally after being turned away from Henderson Harley Davidson, and the service department being closed at Bakersfield Harley Davidson on Sunday, and riding aboot 150 miles in the rain on a thread bare rear tire, I got front and rear new tires at the Bay Area Harley Dealer that didn’t cinch down that clutch nut. My new pal Irish the service manager at Dudley Perkins was impressed when I was the only customer to ride to the store in the ongoing rain showers. He checked and checked his computer to find out aboot that clutch adjustment I splaned that the primitive tool kit in my bike can adjust the clutch, and did. I also made sure they knew that Union Collective Bargaining money was what I was spending at his store. All the dirt from Death Valley was washed off and my bike was real shiny when I picked her up. Nothing fell off her yet.

Ghost Rider Rhyolite Nevada

Here in the Bay Area there is not enough money to run the Schaberg  branch library. So the hours have been cut, and the building dark on Monday’s. At least they don’t have Mayors like Anchorages son of fink that closes libraries for no good reason.
I had a sticker on my helmet with the motor company’s logo, that said Proud to be an American. I pealed it off and tossed it, I am not proud of this country,  that promotes closing of public faculties, and supports  yet another endless war.

Atomic Motel Rhyolite Nevada

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