Sunday, March 13, 2011

On The Road

Saturday morning was warm, and sunny. A perfect day to get out on the bike, and make sure I am ready for the run to Death Valley. I needed some espresso, and Internet access to get things started. Peets makes a decent americano, it isn’t Kaladi, but it’s tasty.

Pedal bikers were out in force along Canada road. I was having a great morning, and knew that I was ready to ride to Death Valley. A stop to get a full tank of Ethyl, a stop to pick up a fuel tank for the Jet Boil French Press. I’m thinking my clutch is not feeling quite right. The free play on my clutch lever is increasing. I have no clutch. I am broke down. After raving about the Service Department at Dudley Perkins I am sitting on the side of a quiet residential street, without a phone, and I just found out that when the tech adjusted my clutch, he didn’t tighten the lock nut enough.
Ok I think I have the primitive tool kit that comes with the bike, yes it’s in the bottom of the saddle bag, it’s got a socket that fits the clutch cover, oh the passenger floor board needs to come off, yes I got the cover off and sure enough the lock nut is loose. Roadside repair done, stress level decreasing, run back to the Amish house, and now I got some better tools in the bottom of the saddle bag that I hope I never need.

On the road to Ridgecrest today. I lost one hour of holiday last night so I am feeling cheated. I wanted to get a early start so now with the time change I have to leave in the dark.
Zumo Trickster gps of the raven clan gets me to Hollister but she wants to take me on the interstate. I followed the signs and stay on route 25

This road is wonderful. Just two lane, green rolling hills, no trucks, and very few cars. Took a break in Coalinga. Missed the Blackwells Corner, and ended up going all the way to Buttonwillow. Stop for gas in Bakersfield, and a easy ride up to Ridgecrest in spite of Zumo trickster gps of the raven clan pointing the way that conflicts with the road signs.

Ridgecrest Desert Motel


 On to Death Valley Monday.
Here is the link for Huckleberry's spot tracker.

SpotTrack The Paint The Ghost Town Red Run

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  1. The ever resourceful Stefie J is on the move again. Happy that you were able to complete the mechanicing. And able to solve the "first world problem" of getting your Harley moving again.

    Go Seawolves.