Monday, March 14, 2011

4 bar Internet connection and more than one plug

Deluxe accommodations here at Stovepipe Wells Village. They even gave us drink tokens, one each and one other that was stuck by static. Oh the water pipe was broken and we just now got water for showers and....
If you live in the frozen north Death Valley in March is the place you need to go.
We started out this AM in Ridgecrest. Traveled east to Trona where a huge Borax and Salt mine is the main employer. The white of the borax and salt, with the rust of the buildings attracted me like a raven to cheep shiny shit. We parked in the Visitor parking spot, and I walked over and took a photo or two. I had the camera back in the tour pack when Huckleberry alerted me to the approaching security guard. She had a radio and thanked  us for visiting but she said she thought she saw a camera, and no photos were allowed of the facility. I thought she would want to see my camera but when she saw my finger hovering over the Pike Legal button on my phone she smiled and walked away...Here is the photo the mine won't let you see....

We rode on broken pavement, we rode on dirt, we rode on gravel. We went high, 6000 feet to the kilns. We went to Eureka mine. The sky the sage brush all are the most wonderful colors  

Getting up real early Tuesday to catch the sun rise at the dunes.

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