Saturday, March 12, 2011

Paint The Ghost Town Red Run

Since traveling all night in the cattle section of a full Alaska Airlines 737, and landing with only a few hours of not very restful sleep, it’s been a busy few days of holiday.

The first order of bidness after landing was to get the bike to the dealer for some much needed service. I have been to a lot of different dealers, all across Canada and amerika in the past few years, with the worst having to be the one in Texas that changed the rear tire and never checked the brake pads. But I am impressed with Dudley Perkins, now of South San Francisco.

It was noon by the time I got the bike to their shop. The staff are pros. The service writer knew that a black oil filter would dissipate heat better than chrome one.

The tech that worked on my bike actually looked her over real close. Before they let us go the tech called me back to the shop and said the fuel system was bleeding off! That is one serious problem that will leave you on the side of the rode, waiting for a tow truck. But before I could say lets fix it he had the top of the tank off, the fuel pump in his hand and identified the problem as a mangled O ring after the filter. WOW!

Mangled Fuel System O Ring

Finding a Carbon Fiber Manfroto tripod was the start of busy day of chores. If I was inclined I could have went to big box Best Buy and got one, but I had looked up local camera stores, because the money I earn because of Collective Bargaining goes further when you spend it local, and people that run small camera stores know photography.

My first stop was Kaufmann’s Cameras in San Mateo. The owner was there to wait on me. He gave me a couple of good ideas! Unfortunately he didn’t have the tripod I wanted, but had a very cool red camera strap, that is now on my camera.

No day of doing chores and getting all the things you thought you packed but are still on your bed in Alaska are complete without a dog. Fortunately my sister had brought Deja
to work so we swung by and picked up the dog.

Deja mostly slept as we made our way south to Palo Alto and Keeble & Shuchat Photography. I knew from their website that they would have the Manfrotto I needed. I wasn’t prepared for everything that is in that store. First the staff. The fellow that helped me knew exactly what I needed. He wore a polo shirt with Cannon on it. He plays drums in the Hyde Street Band, and is going to be in San Leandro at the Marina Lounge on the 19. He has even been to Death Valley at the racetrack with the tripod I purchased and when I finally get ON LINE I will check out his web site at www.hmmphotography.

The store is stocked with every state of the art camera and accessory anyone could dream of, but if you look up, they have a fabulous collection of antique photographic equipment, that lines the entire store. Upstairs they have a gallery and more film equipment.

Ice Cream Anyone?

Thursday night with only the tvee news to report the earthquake in Japan. I didn’t have a clue. It was 6:30 am. I was making coffee, a key was opening the front door, but wasn’t getting it open, and I was wondering how my mother had got locked out? But it wasn’t mom it was my sister and niece. 4:00 am they got a robo call that school was canceled, and to evacuate Pacifica because of Tsunami warning. They brought warm porage, and we had fruit. We watched the tvee saw the devastation in Japan, watched the million dollar boats in Santa Cruz Harbor run into each other. Standing on the other end of the Pacific plate, our hearts our with the people of Japan.

As amerikans we did the only thing we could do and that was shop….

Gilroy Factory Outlet Store

Sunday after loosing a hour of holiday time the Paint The Ghost Town Red Run begins. I will be heading south riding right on top of the San Andras Fault. You know I will have a full tank of Ethyl.


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  1. Sounds like you are going from one extreme (cold) to another (hot). But it also sounds like a lot of fun and the camera stop means lots of blog photos, right? :)

    Have fun and be safe.