Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's Put It All Inside

Britney Spears was going to put on a free concert outside of the Castro Theater. The weather was rainy so she moved it into the Bill Gram Community Center. People actually waited in line for hours, and some even paid hundreds of dollars for the free show Bill Gram used to run the Fillmore Auditorium, West first, then East. At Fillmore West he would walk on stage and sort of mumble the name of who ever was playing next.

BB King, Steve Miller Band, Grateful Dead, Sh Na Na, Santana. I saw those bands their, sitting on the floor or standing up dancing, in a room full of smoke, with people passing you stuff, saying “take a hit and pass it on”. As you left the Fillmore after the show, the first thing you saw was the San Francisco Police. They watched everyone coming out. Maybe they got a contact high. The next thing you saw was someone handing you a Psychedelic handbill for the next show, shouting out, “ Have A Nice Day” “Have A Sunshiny Day” “Have A Wonderful Day” To think I missed Britney, the girl who David Crosby said was deep as a bird bath.

The motto on this planet, and especially in California is “The More The Merrier” The runner up is “Lets Put It Inside” Growing up here in the Bay Area, as a idealistic child I believed the goal was to put absolutely everything indoors, and I never could figure out why, destroying environment was more important than economy. Still do not have the answer to that question.
In the Bay Area they put some great stuff inside, and the buildings housing that stuff are some great architecture from old California Spanish style buildings, and homes. Original Victorian era structures. Art Deco

The old Art Deco Southern Pacific Palo Alto Train Station

I got to shoot all the light houses around the Bay this trip. I took a run up to the Marin Headlands, to get Point Bonita, the last one on my list.
This light along with the others was built around 1871 and sits on a big rock at the northern entrance to the Golden Gate. You can tour the grounds and walk to the light, but the bridge is condemned and the structure unstable so you cant actually go inside, but the views were worth the trip.

Point Bonita Light

Fortunately the funds have been made available to replace the bridge so there is hope for keeping these historic structures around for a while. Thank You National Park Service!

I have been inside most of the day cooped up in a Boeing Jet. Got out of SFO earlier today, and now await a ride north...The plane to SEA was packed. Hope there is some room up to ANC

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