Thursday, March 31, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Every journey ends. It's good to get back home. Except that living in a pathetic red state like laska, one never knows what to expect.
 Ok I knew when I left, and read on line that our t bag governor sp.2.0 really was pushing for a tax break for one of the richest corporations on the planet Conoco Phillips.
I thought they would have the tax break by now, but low and behold, the republican controlled senate isn't going for it yet.
A group calling itself Fiscal Sanity is throwing lots of money to the tvee and commercial radio stations to support our t bag mayor's choice for assembly members, calling the only members with a brain the Liberal Trio. That word Liberal has defeated many a good candidate in the past. Lets hope it doesn't work this time.
The big unexpected news is that Palmer republican  representative carl gatto has introduced house bill 88 which if passed, and it has major support from the valley, would ban outright islamac Sharia Law from being enforced by the laska court system.
I'm thinking this is GREAT! The racist's, fearful, republicans for the moment hate muslims more than Homosexuals. This could be our chance to assimilate there children! We need to act fast!
Science and Reason, sisters and brothers, is the only way. This hate, this the road to no where
I need a desert koffee break.

Eureka Mine Death Valley & Kaladi Brothers Coffee

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