Saturday, March 19, 2011

Passport Photos For Chickens

Oh What A Holiday:
In Death Valley Internet connection are not easy to get for free, and the Valley leaves you with no time to look at a computer.
The winds have been strong...

The gusts almost got the better of us, the blowing salt, and one day of triple digit temperatures could have got to us. But adventure was to be had.
From dunes to washboard rodes in a rented Jeep nothing was going to stop us.

The Castles Pipe Organ

Well we planed our last day to be a busy one, and busy it was. We started off with Breakfast up at The Furnace Creek Inn. The food and service at the Furnace Creek Ranch were not so great, but the Inn is top of the line with a 4 Diamond rating. One thing that is strange about the Xanterra corporation that runs the concessions in the park is that they either hire only people whose last names are states or what I think is they change their employees last names to state names to get out of paying taxes....

We bid our hostess Krista New Hampshire, farewell, said good by to our server Betty Washington, blew a kiss to our water girl Ronda Texas,  and rode off to shoot the inside of Scotty's Castle. The Castle is regal and elegant,  and unlike the Hurst Castle the Johnsons built it to be their summer home, not show off their wealth. The Castle in the 1930's had a solar water heater, system  and hydo electric power from the spring that supplied their water. We next went to Rhyolite to shoot the old ghost town. Shoot and shoot we did, We should have stayed in Beaty, but I had hoped to get a tire in Henderson, and Huckleberry needed to be heading east,  so we thought we would say in Pahrump Nevada, and arrived just after dark. Who knew every hotel room in town was rented! We were ready to get  off the road, but no room, was to be had. We put technology to work for us and with eye phones, and Zumo trickster gps, we  called every hotel we could locate in a 20 or 30 mile radius. All full. We started calling  hotels in Vegas and after several tries finally found one, with one, non smoking room left. The GPS was locked on to the address. We put on every piece of warm clothing we had, and took off on the path of the beam, under the cover of darkness. We didn't get very far when we had to stop, and put on all the clothes and electric gear we had, and off we went again, this time  in full on biker night time ride as one survival mode.
 Zumo played no tricks. Coming down the 4500ft. pass on the road we were on, the sprawling lights of Las Vegas are a sight to see. Passenger Jets were stacked 4 at a time for final approach to LAS.
Cold and tired we found the hotel.  Awoke warm and refreshed. Breakfast at Mustang Sally's, and turned away for a rear tire at Henderson Harley-Davidson, where locals needing chrome high performance  gegas mean more than a traveler with a bald rear tire.Times have changed.
Huckleberry went east. I went west. She is riding in the dirt to Phoenix

I'm making passport pictures for chickens in some kind of rain storm, heading west

(oh little jeannie)

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