Monday, February 21, 2011


My Motorcycle was made by union workers in Wisconsin.

This fellow "Tomahawk Dave"  that I met in Saskatoon last summer is one of those union workers from Wisconsin. He is pointing to the tag that workes, like him  initial when they complete the saddle bags. He hadn't  worked on my bikes bags,  but knew who did.
The chemicals that he uses daily at the Harley Davidson  fiberglass and paint shop, if used without protection, would kill you in short order. But thanks to workplace safety rules brought about by collective bargaining, not only was Tomahawk  Dave still alive he was able to enjoy another collective bargaining benefit that I was enjoying, also. Holiday.

Modern Day republican workplace (note safety equipment)

 scott walker republican Governor of Wisconsin, wants to do away with collective bargaining, claiming the State is bankrupt. I guess he thinks if he could do away with unions, and workplace rules, that the State coffers would be overflowing.
 But the union workers of Wisconsin didn't bankrupt the state by going to work everyday. The  Fireman and School Teachers of Wisconsin  did not cause the banks to fail. Union workers all across America  did not cause the housing market to crash
GREED and republicans brought amerika to its knees.
Mr. walker might try having the wealthiest in Wisconsin pay there fair share in taxes.
Our union ancestors shed there blood for workers rights. Every benefit we have today we owe to them.
Solidarity brothers and sisters...

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