Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rather Fight Than Switch

This latest strategy of the republicans to pit non union worker against union worker, if it is successful will be disaster for working people all across our country. It will make the rich richer, the poor poorer. It is beyond sad to see a group of elected officials work so hard to destroy the middle class, but that is  exactly what the republicans are doing.
Robert Reich former Secretory of Labor for the Clinton administration, has quite a handle on the situation check his blog out
Organized labor we are heading for what could be the greatest fight of our lives...

And just like the smokers in this old Territon cigarette add
Union Workers we would rather Fight Than Switch!

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  1. Thank you for sharing the Reich post. I LOVE his writing and his commentaries on NPR. He is probably the most intelligent and least mealy-mouthed former Cabinet member ever. His discussion of the Democrat's inability to respond correctly is right in line with George Lakoff's analysis of why the GOP usually wins the messaging game -- the Dems always activate conservative frames of thought when they respond to Republican arguments (lies, distortions, etc.) ... which strengthens those frames.

    And I think part of the reason that happens is that many of the Dems really are in bed with the corporations just as much as the GOPs. It's rather sad, but what we're seeing in Wisconsin gives me hope that all is not lost!