Friday, February 18, 2011

Capt. Zero Defends Alaska

Here in the north one thing republicans don't like is the Federal government messing in there affairs, that's why they elected Captain Zero to  be our governor. The Captain in true republican fashion is well on his way to make the former worst governors look good.
Just today the Captain took a stand against the Federal Health Care Reforms, refusing to accept Federal funding,  that would allow Alaska's  uninsured residents to get health care insurance.
The Captain said "The state will pursue lawful market based solutions of its own. That include looking at the potential for a health insurance exchange without the shiny but poisonous apple of federal dollars" 
Yes we need to keep those shiny but poisonous Federal dollars out of Alaska health care. Maybe someone should show the Capt. the big new shiny state of the art Federal Hospital out on Tudor road, that takes care of indigenous peoples exclusively. Or what about all those poisonous federal dollars out at jber where federal health care faculties are being expanded.
Makes you wonder just how does the Capt. determine witch federal dollars are poisonous and witch ones are not? I think the Capt. thinks Federal dollars are ok as long as they are not originated from a President with almost light skin...Racism alive and well in Capt. Zero Alaskans republican hero.

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