Saturday, February 12, 2011

Health Care In amerika

Just like a old bush plane Ice Gal had to go get her annual inspection today. An just like that  Cessna I got my fluids checked. I got poked, and prodded. Squeezed and  my insides  listened to.

Float Plane on Lake Hood

The fluid  pressure is still to high, and needs to be regulated, death is unavoidable but 40 years of blogs could be forthcoming. Not a bad diagnosis unless you are a reader of this blog.
Friends that drive airplanes tell me that for a Annual Inspection on a Cessna 207, could cost $500. to several thousand dollars depending on what parts the plane needs.
Without health care benefits Ice Gal would have had to spend a few hundred dollars for my doctor office visit. But Thanks to my labor union, our socialized medical plan provides annual wellness exams, at no cost! Oh I had to go to the clean modern facility, staffed by professional health care providers, selected for me by my union.  But I'm ok with that.
It's to bad that so many amerikans buy into the republican's demonetization of labor unions, and why every one wouldn't want first class health care, benefits, retirement, and a voice in the workplace  is beyond my understanding. Thank You Union!

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