Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Chinook

If you are not from the North you might not know about Chinook winds. Chinook winds are winds that blow in from the west usually, and carry warm air. This means that instead of Anchorage being a frozen wasteland for the next two months, or so we get a reprieve, and Anchorage becomes a slushy, dirty, muddy, wasteland for as long as the warm air holds out. Today we saw temperature's in the mid 30's, but no sun, just gray. Gray and mud everywhere. All the roads look like dirt roads and your car is filthily before you get anywhere.
After seeing gray and dirt all day what I need is to see some grass & and some color!

I looked through some of my photos and came up with Boiler in the grass. 
It has been a busy few days with photographs, and I want to thank everyone for the positive feedback from my first, first Friday show, of photographs now at the Downtown Kaladi Brothers Cafe .                        Kaladi Brothers Downtown Check it out if you can...and enjoy the warm air while it lasts.