Saturday, February 5, 2011

Who Do You Love Alaska?

Mostly Alaskans love republicans. republican t bags  stand up for what Alaskans believe in, and  by media like flox newes, tells us to believe in.
In the mid term elections Alaskans voted republican tbag so much that they had to sharpen there pencils and  learn to spell lisa murkowski.
 And way back in the 2008 elections Alaskans overweeningly supported  The former mayor  of Wasilla, and john mccain, both republicans. Even rural Alaska wanted republicans in the highest office.
Well who do you think introduced legislation to end a 200 million dollar federal aviation program that subsidizes air travel to 44 rural (bush) village's? drum roll please.....
If you guessed John McCain senator from Arizona and fortunately for evey living thing here on planet earth not the president, then you are correct! If you live in rural Alaska and supported mccain then have someone give you a major slap in the face, because when the planes no longer fly to your village good luck with your subsistence lifestyle!

Perhaps a just payback for his 2008 running mate?

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