Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Coal Fired Disaster

Along highway 21 in the scenic Hill Country of Texas is the Fayette Power Project  This  plant produces about 1600 megawatts of  much needed electricity, and like a lot of power plants in amerika it does it by burning coal. This plant gets it's coal shipped in by rail from Powder River Basin in Wyoming.
Lake Fayette, a 2,400-acre reservoir supplies the cooling water and a recreation source for Texans.

Ice Gal & Pal @ Stonehenge II and Easter Island in the Texas Hill Country WOW Run 09

The Wyoming coal is "low sulphur" and the plant in spite of being built in the  70's &; 80's is well it is a Clean Plant.
                         "The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) on has recognized the Fayette Power Project (FPP) near La Grange for being accepted into its Clean Texas program, which recognizes organizations and facilities for exceeding environmental standards. FPP is the first coal-fired facility in Texas to be recognized at the gold level, the second highest level in the voluntary program"

Apparently the Gold Standard in Texas does not require plants to operate with  equipment designed to decrease emissions of sulfur dioxide, a component of acid rain, and that acid rain from the Fayette Power Project is to blame for the dead pecan orchards and other plant devastation across Central Texas.
Natural the power  plant operators and the State of Texas deny that Sulfur Dioxide from the power plant had anything to do with killing anything
But evidence collected from the Appalachian Mountains to New Mexico indicates sulfur dioxide pollution kills vegetation, especially pecan trees. Pecan growers in Albany, Georgia , have received millions of dollars in an out-of-court settlement with a power plant whose sulfur dioxide emissions harmed their orchards.

Uhhh? Dead vegetation in Texas. Thin  ice threatening Polar Bears, in the Arctic. Stellar Sea Lyons threatened because of no food,  Cook Inlet Beluga Whales disappearing because of Sewage...

How past the point of no return are we going to go before taking care of the things that keep us alive on this planet are more important than making a dollar?

Oh well at least the republicans took control of the House Of Representatives today, and they are such good stewards of protecting the environment.

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