Sunday, January 2, 2011

First World Problems

Living in the first world is tough. You might have to fly on a airplane to a city you don't want to go to just to get enough airline miles to maintain your mvp status! Or how about  When the parking is so full that you have to walk far to get to the gym!

Here in the North we have our own First World Problems. Like Christmas Trees.  We don't have nice sculpted pine trees growing here, so christmas trees have to come from the "Lower 48" That means they are cut down, loaded into refrigerated van's. Trucked to the Port of Tacoma, then loaded onto container ships, that then make the 4 or so day trip North. That's a lot of fossil fuel just to get that tree here. But then you have to decorated it with stuff mostly made in China, more fossil fuel getting that stuff to the store.
Now it's January 2011, and  the have a dead decorated tree in your parlor season is over so what you going to do?

Well tie that dead tree to the top of the old fossil fuel using automobile and take it to the pile of dead trees in the Safeway parking lot, so that later in the week men with more fuel using equipment will grind them up into little chunks, so they could be spread around, or as the people that do the tree grinding say "recycled"
Wow our Congressman young ding says that when the ice melts in the Arctic we will be able to farm. Maybe we could farm christmas trees because it's doubtful that we could stop all this madness!

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  1. Although I have researched this and found that having live trees is more environmentally friendly than plastic trees. So at least that's a verrrry slight bonus.