Sunday, January 9, 2011

Real Hate You Can Believe In

All the facts are not known yet on what lead a young man in Arizona to murder six people and critically injure Representative Gifford's.
One thing is certain lunatics like the shooter don't need much encouragement and  fox along with the former mayor of  Wasilla provide plenty of opportunity to incite violence.

Of course those cute little cross hairs don't look anything like the ones you might have on a semiautomatic weapon, and why wouldn't you want to Target Representatives that voted for Health Care Reform...
The republicans are  making this country Nucking Futs and when   Sheriff Dupnik:  says 'We Have Become The Mecca For Prejudice & Bigotry' I think he means the entire nation.

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  1. We are still sort of reeling here in AZ. Even those of us NOT in Tucson.

    I am tired of the "attack imagery" that's being employed these days. It has escalated dramatically since 2008. It's been building for a generation but it has reached a point where it's nearly impossible for those elected to actually govern -- either because they are continuously having to defend themselves or because their base expects the same pit-bull behavior in office.

    People of good will have to pull together. Our government is what we make it. If we let it continue to go to hell, it will.