Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Brothers Koch Employees Get Down To Bidness!

It was a exciting day in Washington today. The Koch Brothers employees in a symbolic fulfillment of campaign threats (promises) overwhelming voted to repeal the landmark Health Care Reform Bill, even as it  is still being implemented.

Alaskans own senior Brother Koch employee representative young ding said in a statement today.
"At about 2,000 pages long, the health care law is the single worst piece of legislation I have seen in almost four decades in Congress,"
Well if only the bill was only about 100 pages long double spaced and written in crayon ding would have liked it?
Employee young ding, you will be pleased to know that along with his co workers in congress are in no danger of loosing there health care, just the amerikan people are.

Some of the employees were quick to offer that their new plan for the amerikan people will be much more efficient, cost less, avoid long delays, and for the patient it will be no cost at all.

New amerikan health care plan as proposed by koch brothers employees.

Ya gust got to love the Brothers Koch and the hard working people that they have put to work for US in Washington D.C.  Can't wait for them to move on to devastating the environment, eliminating those pesky endangered species, and since you voted for them, you are just going to love turning the ocean into a toxic cesspool, cuz once it's gone the air won't be far behind!

pursuing profits with no accountability

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