Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Entertainment...No Information

Long ago in a long forgotten land called America Citizens relied on journalists. They  were in every corner of the globe. These correspondents worked for media companies like United Press International. Associated, Press, those were the big ones. Men like Edward R Murrow, made reporting the facts accurately a art form.
The Federal Government of the United States protected news and information by requiring that one person or company couldn't own more than one or two media outlets in any given place.

Not to long ago them republicans changed the laws so big companies could own multiple media outlets, and we got fox news.
Since then pardon me Johnnie Cash, We Fell Into A Burning Ring Of Fire, We Went Down, Down Down And The Flames Got Higher...Just this month the FCC approved Comcast taking over NBC, and just like that, liberal commentator  Keith Olbermann was fired.
What is next? Will the Koch Brothers employees in the House of Representatives defund public broadcasting? Will traffic on the net be directed to only the sites big corporations want you to see?
Look out world here comes third world amerika!

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