Wednesday, December 1, 2010

World AIDS Day

December First since 1988 has been designated as world AIDS day. A day to raise awareness of this deadly disease, and to remember the 25 million that have died because of AIDS, and another 33 million in the U.S. are living with the disease. In South Africa alone 5.6 million people are suffering from AIDS.

One would have thought that when the AIDS epidemic became apparent in the early 1980's  world leaders would have done everything possible to stop it's spread. But instead President at the time, and t bag founding father reagan announced to the world that it was a disease that only affected homosexuals. Religious leaders  naturally followed suite and forbade the use of condoms, and sexual education.
Ignorance the perfect way to spread a deadly sexually and blood transmitted disease.
Use condoms. Don't share needles! and get yourself tested. The test is easy, just a oral swab, and you can have the results usually in 20 minutes or so. The tests are normally free at Pride Day Celebrations, but if in doubt don't wait, call your health provider, clinic, hospital , or go to Cuba where they have all but eliminated AIDS through education.

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