Monday, November 29, 2010

Dammit Janet God is on my Side!

Ever since the Christan's stole the solstice holiday from the Druids way back when, December has been a month to let your god delusion hang out.
Let it all hang out is just what Mohamed Osman Mohamud, did the other day in Portland Oregon, when the 19 year old was busted by the FBI for trying to detonate what he thought was a bomb laden van at  a Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony at Portland's Courthouse Square.
Thank you FBI for once again thwarting a potential deadly domestic terrorist situation. Oh and lets say again Thank you President Obama, and your administration for empowering the FBI.
You would think that would have been enough. Suspect caught, lives saved, let the law deal with the case....But Mohamed,  was  not only was blowing up the tree lighting ceremony,  he was blowing up the tree lighting for god!  God hates tree lighting ceremony's! Oh and  Mohamed he has dark skin, and is a Muslim, and sometimes went to worship the tree lighting hating ceremony god at the Salman Al-Farisi Islamic Center.
Now  on Sunday someone, I suspect a Christen. A right wing radio listening, republican voting, Islamic hating, ignorant christen,  set fire to the Salman Al-Farisi Islamic Center. Most likely the Arsonist god, loves tree lighting ceremony's?
Yikes witch god is right?  A.The tree lighting ceremony hating god?  B. The tree lighting ceremony loving god? Or C. Neither
The correct answer is C Neither. Humans have been fighting this battle since the Crusades, and nothing has been accomplished except lots of blood shed.....

Lets support Science and Reason not make belive This Holiday Season!

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