Thursday, December 2, 2010

Alaska Political Update

Our motto in Alaska is "We elect people with the worst ideas, and when those people prove to be infective and corrupt,  we elect them again, and again,  and again, because maybe they have worse ideas now!

It was a big day for the lame duck congress.
First up our lone Representative Young Ding  Ding  and one other republican voted not to censure Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y. Rangel  was found guilty by an ethics panel last month of 11 counts of financial and fundraising misconduct. Ding showed some real bipartisan work across the isle in supporting a fellow corrupt politician.

Ding explained his vote "saying it was not up to him but to the voters to censure Rangel".
When it came to the vote on bush era tax cuts, bipartisanship was lacking as the vote to extend tax cuts for the working middle class, fell along party lines, with the republicans voting for the rich and against working Americans.
That's why Alaskans elected ding to a twenty term so people earning over $200,000. could pay less taxes than a working family earning say $50,000. YEA DING!

Our senate race remains undecided as the lisa with the beard sues the state over election misconduct. The lisa without the beard is counter suing, the judge from Fairbanks moved the whole mess to the capital in Juneau, and the only thing we can hope for at this point is for the litigation to go on for several years keeping that horrible woman from doing any more damage.

The tax cut moves to the Senate where the republicans have enough votes to filibuster the bill.
My bet is for lisa to stand with her koch brother com padres and shut down tax cuts for working people.
Moderates that filled it in right it in  get ready for a Slap In The Face...And get ready for another when Don't Ask Don't Tell comes up for a vote.

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