Saturday, November 27, 2010

Guns, God & Black Friday

Don't hate the Black. Don't hate the White. If you get bit hate the bite. "Sly Stone"
Black Friday has nothing to do with our cultural diverseness. Racial equality. The preamble to the Constitution. But it has to be one of the greatest holidays  here  in Amerika, because it celebrates the mindless consumerism that grips this once great nation.  Here in the North  Black Friday got off to a white start under 8 inches of fresh wet snow. All the stores were open early, and that snow didn't deter many shoppers. The Malls. The marts. The giant big box stores they were  all busy. Bargain hunters were out looking for stuff to put under the dead  evergreen tree most of them will drag into their houses, decorate, with lights made in China, and  then toss into the trash first of the new year.

It was a predominately white male crowd that was looking for deals at the gun counter, at the local big box sportsman store. What says happy birthday baby Jesus better than a shinny new semi automatic weapon?
 But guns are not just for guys any more, no sir!

 On Christmas morning when your girl unwraps this little pink 38 special, she is going to love you best, and you are going to feel safer than ever knowing that she is locked and loaded watching your back.

Guns and God.  The god delusion. Planet wide the #1 cause of violence and hate, and guns the means to carry out that violence. What a no win situation.
In September of this year the Freedom From Religion Foundation went into the heart of the bible belt, Atlanta Georgia and put up some bill boards...

In this season of high Christen foolishness, in a country where we fight the endless war to keep our dollar something we believe in.   As we  continue to kill everything that keeps us alive on earth, by burning fossil fuel 24/7.  As we elect people with the worst ideas because right wing radio sounds soothing to the ignorant.
We need Science and Reason more than ever. JOIN US! Think about what you are doing. Use less, protect our home Earth. . If it doesn't help keep us all alive don't do it. Utilize birth control! Question flox news...Think for yourself. Remember that if you quit believing in something, and it goes away, it wasn't real to begin with.

Oh and one more thing. republicans opposing the nuclear disarmament treaty of 2010 because the president has dark skin. You are WRONG and you, not only SUCK, but you represent the worst in amerika.

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  1. Ice gal : I occasionally visit your blog, generally when I am reminded of it after seeing something from you at Prometheus Unbound. Anyway, I like it, although I'm not sure why! Strange place, America. Alaska even stranger. I liked this post, even the Utube, which is not really my kind of music.

    Colin Hutton

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