Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Biker Bidness

Its been a few years now, that a few of us rode up to Fairbanks to take care of a little Biker Bidness. A rally or something along those lines as I remember.

Always keep the Troopers in front of you when conducting Biker Biz.

 Sunday morning after the festivities about six of us left out early to head for home in Anchorage. We planed to ride for a while then stop and get some breakfast. Well by  the time we reached Nenana we were all feeling a little hungry so we rolled into town and found the Two Choice Cafe.
As we walked into the establishment in our leather biker regally we couldn't help but notice the only other people in the place besides the staff were two tourist types that were noticing us. The one tourist suggested we try the Belgium Waffles.
Well after getting seated, and greeted with menu's we noticed that the two choice cafe was called that because there were only two choices on the menu. Belgium Waffles, and Ham and Eggs.

Now the staff at the two choice appeared to be a 60 something woman and a 40'ish man. A mother son team we quickly deduced. Mom was on the grill and son was waiting, and serving.
Well he came over to our table and asked my riding pal Peppermint what she would have. She said the Belgium Waffle. He said they were out of the Belgium Waffle. The tourists were having a good laugh on us. We laughed to. Our waiter was not laughing, he was waiting for Peppermint to order. She looked at the menu again and said, she would like the ham and eggs, but could you hold the ham. Our server asked how she would like her eggs, and that she would have to have the ham. She said she didn't like ham. Just eggs please, hold the ham. The server said she would have to have the ham. There were no substutions.
My tern next to order. I asked for the ham and eggs, but could you make a ham and cheese omelet. No he said. I settled for scrambled eggs and ham. Someone else  asked for the Waffle, it was still sold out.
Everyone had ham and eggs. Peppermint didn't eat her ham.
The six of us were the only patrons of the cafe, but as we walked up to the register to pay, our server asked each and every one of us what table we were at. I pointed. to the table where we all sat Then he asked each and every one of us what we had to eat. Someone said the Belgium Waffle and I think they got breakfast for free. I paid for ham and eggs.

We all learned a good lesson that day. When traveling the Parks Highway, and you get hungry go to Roses Cafe in Healy.

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