Friday, October 22, 2010

God Punishes Amerika Because We Tolerate Republicans

 NPR fired commentator Juan Williams after he appeared on  the Bill O'Reilly's show on FOX News. He made some controversial remarks. To the effect that he doesn't like to see people dressed up in  Muslim  regally on airplanes. Frankly I don't care what anyone said on Flox News but as you and imagine the right wing nut's are falling all over themselves pushing for there long term goal of getting Public Broadcasting  off the air. In fact Sen. Jim DeMint (r) South Carolinian is introducing a bill that would zero out funding for ALL public broadcasting, including NPR, PBS, Pacifica and more. That is just WRONG and here is a link for a CREDO petition  to congress that tells them PBS is the most important link in preserving our democracy

Actually I don't like to see any one dressed up as a medieval oddity. I feel sorry for them. This is the 21 century and people with major god delusions are still  walking  around, making lots of noise telling everyone that,  theirs is the path to glory. Follow us we got the keys to heaven. God is on our side...Well....

Nothing says God Is On my side quite like a old man in a white dress, with a crocodile hat, shiny red shoes and a scepter with a man impaired on some boards. If that dude isn't scary enough lets take a look at major delusions  Pat Robertson.

This righteous white man has not a dress in his closet (he says) but claims Haiti  made a pact with the devil to get out from under French rule, and has been cursed ever since.  The devastating 7.0  earthquake earlier this year was a direct link to that pact with the devil. Well so much for plate tectonics.
But wait he has more. Hurricane Katrina was sent from god because
New Orleans tolerated,  get this, a Homosexual Parade.

Here in the movie capital of the north religious intolerance is. Well it is almost state man dated but when I saw this wayside pulpit today it just warmed my little gay, atheist heart to know that this  judgements  little sect,  that won't allow parking for the arts theater next door, must feel threatened by  Science and Reason. That is a very good thing!

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