Thursday, October 14, 2010

Everbody Loves Whales

Well everyone except republicans, and Endangered Cook Inlet Belugas.
Way back in  October 1988 three gray whales lingered to long off Point Barrow, and  became trapped in the sea ice. Fortunately though  humans have warmed the Arctic to the point that in 2010 the sea freezes later, melts earlier in the spring, and doesn't get as thick. Not so good for Polar Bears, but  NO whales have been trapped since. The rescue effort in 1988  became a huge international effort to free the whales. The Russians sent a Ice Breaker ship. The Coast Guard had huge helicopters dropping 5 ton concrete blocks, and the media had a circus. Over 5 million dollars were spent to free the whales, but they got out, swam away, and haven't been seen since.

Actual Barrow Whale Hunters Keeping The Sea Ice Open For The Trapped Whales

Well until now.  For the past month or so a real live movie staring Drew Barrymore, Ted Danson...Is filming right here in Anchorage. It's called Everybody Loves Whales, and is about the whale rescue.
Since they have been filming all over town it has been exciting to see first hand the craft of making a movie, and the people involved. Lots of local Union people have been working on building the sets, and other technical parts of film making. Floors of  a local  Union hotel  have been rented, for the stars and crew. Movie star sightings  have and continue to occur It's a win win. Well unless you don't like Unions like our t bagger mayor, son of fink.

Movie Set Being Created at the Port Of Anchorage

Wall of Sea Ice being created out of salt.

The film comes out in 2012. The same year the Mayans predicted the world will end. Hope I get to see it.


  1. The movie news is very cool. Arizona gets some $$ from Hollywood movies, but no movies about saving the whales. :(

    I was particularly fascinated by the photo of the sea ice being created out of salt. When the movie wraps production, do you think they will have a large margarita party?

    If the world ends in 2012, it will be due to human stupidity and hysteria, not Mayan prophecy.

  2. I agree human ignorance will end the world perhaps before 2012? Hope not.
    Don’t know about the margarita party, but it could happen. A sneak preview of the film would be cool.
    But the salt. They had it looking like real sea ice on Wednesday, but when I took the picture they were dressing it to look like snow on sea ice
    Hope they have a plan for real snow because…