Wednesday, October 13, 2010

If it can’t be grown then it must be mined

Here at Ice Gal's we don't know to much about Chili. We know it takes up a large part of the west coast of South America. We know that if you want to go to Antarctica, you have to go to Chili first. We knew that Augusto Pinochet in the 70's and 80's murdered and tortured citizens, and if he was still alive would probably be drafted by the republican  t bagger movement to head up there Human Rights Commission. And we knew that 70 days ago 33 miners at the San Jose Mine became trapped deep in the planet.
Well today thanks to a international team of miners, engineers, and even scientists from NASA all the miners were rescued.
Instead of war, lies, global jihad, people worked  together, and  accomplished something for the good.

Luis Urzua last of the miners to be rescued, gets a mouthful of fresh air

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