Monday, October 18, 2010

Don't Switch Dicks

In the middle of a screw. Vote for Nixon in 72

That is one of my all time favorite Campaign Jingles. Actually it was a parity jingle that was aired frequently on  KSAN the Jive 95. KSAN was a legendary San Francisco radio station the fueled the flames of creative freedom like no other.

Nixon on the other hand won the 1972 election and later in part because of the Watergate break ins but mostly because his government was so corrupt from outright corporate buying of government favors through illegal campaign contributions,  resigned on August 8, 1974
Every republican President since Nixon has done everything in their power to make Nixon look good. Bush I and II probably did the best job of any, of making   Nixon look good, and by far did the most of any Presidents  for campaign reform. What did those clever Bush's  do to ensure that American elections remain fair and untainted of special interest?  Well absolutely nothing, what they did do was stack the Supreme court with right wing judges like Kennedy, Scala, Thomas, Roberts, and Alito. They  did away with 102 years of campaign finance laws and gave corporations person hood, and the ability to spend unlimited, unreported money on campaigns. Good news if you own a radio, tvee station or printing press. Bad news if you think the real message might be drowned out by babble. Good news if you are the Koch brothers and you want to do away with regulations so you can make even more money. Bad news if you think we better stop the  exploitation of our home planet earth before we no longer have a place to live.  

This election cycle it is estimated that 3.7 billion dollars will be spent on  campaign advertising. I bet that for 3.7 billion dollars every amerikan could enjoy the same high quality free health care that citizens of France or Canada enjoy. But we wouldn't want anything like that when we could have...

A yard full of shiny signs and republican lies

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